Providing repairs for window blinds, shutters and shades

  Are your blinds or shutters in need of repairs? It is very common for window blinds and shutters to get broken, tangled, and/or fall off the track. Blinds and shades are a delicate décor that need to be handled slowly and gently. If your blinds or shades are broken, you don’t need to worry; just call the professionals at Mentor Blinds and Draperies. Located in Mentor, OH, all that you need to do is drop off your window treatments off and our repairmen will fix your broken blinds, shutters or shades within our store. We have all the right equipment for whatever needs fixing, which lets us get the job done right and get us out of your hair quickly.

  Proudly serving Mentor & Willoughby, OH

 Call us today for any window treatment repairs that you need help with.

Blind repairs